Jess P.

  • California
  • Age: 35



I started my weight loss journey at 210 six months after delivering my second child. I knew if I was going to keep up with my boys I better get my butt in gear. I had been doing it on my own for about a year and gradually lost the "baby weight", but was sitting at 190 not knowing what to do to get myself back to my pre-motherhood 165. That was when decided to train with Ben.

I joined him on his weight loss program that consisted of full nutritional education plus 4 one hour workouts a week that he promised were possible for any fitness level. I took a leap of faith, believing I too could achieve my goals.

It was the best leap I've taken so far in my lifetime. Starting out, the workouts were tough and recovery days were crucial. I was not able to complete all of the movements fully, but Ben's program offered modifications, assuring me that these exercises were only out of my reach at the moment. But if I trusted the process, I would reach--and exceed—my expectations.

When I joined Ben's program I was a size 16 and weighed 190 with 39% body fat. After just 8 weeks, I had decreased my body fat by 3%, changed my wardrobe from a size 16 to a size 8, and come down to 172. I learned how to eat without restricting calories by properly balancing macro nutrients. I learned how my body is supposed to function and was properly completing all of the movement patterns under load. It was amazing to see just how quickly I was making progress. I so amazed at my body's transformation that I decided to stick with it and continue the program for another 8 weeks.

At the end of the second session I had dropped to a size 4 (once again changing my entire wardrobe) and decreased my body fat to 31.9%-- just getting out of the obesity range. Hallelujah! Now I decided it was my time to see if I could make this lifestyle a sustainable reality. I kept up on what Ben had taught me on my own and within a few months I was at 146, the lightest I had been in 20 years.

I was so excited, but I was starting to plateau. And as they say the last 10 pounds are the hardest. So once again I joined Ben's program for another 8 weeks session...and once again I got results. I now wear a size 2 and got down to 142 with 24% body fat.

I am now living my sustainable fit life. I still enjoy the occasional splurge (like ice cream cones with the kids), but also maintain a healthy body I am confident will keep up with them for the long haul. I am truly grateful to have had Ben as a coach, mentor, and friend throughout this journey!

Thanks Ben. It's been a great ride!


THEN: When I joined Ben's program, I was a size 16 and 190 with 39% body fat. NOW: I now wear a size 2 and got down to 142 with 24% body fat.

Dave H.

When I started with Ben, I sat at a desk all day. Traveled 30+% of the time. Ate free food from our cafeteria or airline and hotel food. Made excuses to not exercise or even think about eating healthy. (And I'm sure I'm not the only one with this story.

When I first started, I was completely overwhelmed. I couldn't do the basic stuff I could when I was 'younger" or just more active. Ten push-ups were a chore, sit-ups seemed like a strange idea, and squats were someone's idea of torture. By the end of 8 weeks, 25 pushups without a rest were possible and sit-ups with weight overhead felt like fun. Squats became something I did in my rest period.

I was able to make it happen because of Ben. He created a motivating workout environment and taught me the proper techniques to achieve my performance max--which is far beyond my expectation when I signed up with him.

Ben made it simple to follow and understand basic nutritional guidelines...and that is not easy given the amount of different information out there. After 8 more weeks AND following the nutrition guidelines, I lost 14 pounds, decreased my body fat from 24.5% to 18.2%, increased my strength, range of motion, flexibility, and I am sleeping better than I ever have.

I highly highly recommend working with Ben if any of the above goals are in line with yours and would like to see results like mine.

THANKS Ben...!


 I lost 14 pounds, decreased my body fat from 24.5% to 18.2%, increased my strength, range of motion, flexibility, and I am sleeping better than I ever have.

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